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Vacuum-packing machines for gastronomy

Keep products tasty and fresh, save time and avoid food waste

Do you own or work in a restaurant, bar, hotel or somewhere else in the foodservice industry? At Henkelman we have vacuum packing machines for professional use in the hospitality industry. From portioning to cooking sous-vide, vacuum-packing ensures that every kitchen can work efficiently while at the same time reducing food waste.  

The benefits of vacuum-packing for you

Longer shelf life, less waste

Henkelman machines vacuum up to 99.8%. This prevents food spoilage and therefore also reduces food waste. Products have a longer shelf life compared to refrigeration and retain their quality when frozen.

Food safety in line with local hygiene requirements

Vacuum-packing prevents cross-contamination and increases food safety. A deep end-vacuum slows down the further growth of bacteria. Every machine is designed for easy cleaning and daily maintenance, guaranteeing in optimal hygiene and continuity.

Financial advantages of Henkelman

Vacuum-sealed products have a longer shelf life. This means you throw away less and therefore save money. A longer shelf life also ensures you can better organize your purchasing to make the most of possible purchasing benefits. Another advantage is that vacuum-packed products can easily be stacked or stored next to each other for more efficient storage. 

Efficient workflow

By preparing, portioning and vacuum-packing dishes when you have time, you can work more efficiently when you are busy. This means you can optimize the workflow of your kitchen team and do more with fewer people.  

Vacumeermachines voor de horeca

Sous-vide cooking is gastronomy

Sous-vide cooking or vacuum cooking is a technique that ensures that every product is cooked at exactly the same, constant temperature. This gives perfect results on the plate with retention of flavor, vitamins and minerals. Meat remains tender, fish juicy and you can even cook an egg to perfection. The Henkelman vacuum technology makes this possible with every machine in the range. Whether you want to cook soups, sauces, bone-in meat or soft fish. With countless options and functions such as liquid control, soft air and even a marinating or preserving function, you are guaranteed a perfect result. You can vacuum-pack, cook, serve, refrigerate and store. 

Horeca vacumeermachines voor sous vide koken
Henkelman Aero vacuum packing machine
Henkelman Aura Vacuum packing machine
Henkelman Mini Jumbo Table top vacuum packing machine
Henkelman Boxer 42 with ACS  PNG
Henkelman Jumbo Table top vacuum packing machine

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Options & accessories

Handy options for your kitchen

Depending on the model and specific type, you can upgrade every Henkelman with various optional extras and accessories. This can be very useful when you want to vacuum-pack specific products such as soups and sauces (liquid control) or marinade products with the marinade function. By using these functions you are guaranteed a perfect vacuuming solution with a longer shelf life and flavor retention. Possible options include:
Soft air

Soft air

This enables the optimal vacuum packing of sharp or sensitive products without damaging the product or vacuum bag.

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ACS bedieningspaneel

Advanced Control System (ACS)

Advanced full color operating system with 20 pre-programmed or user-configurable programs and extra functions for optimal user-friendliness.

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Liquid control

Liquid Control

Stops the vacuuming process when evaporation is detected. This prevents contamination of the chamber, oxidation of the pump, and dehydration and loss of weight

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Universal trolley (table model)

Stainless steel trolley with shelves and swiveling wheels with brakes. Provides mobility and storage space.

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Service & Waranty

Standard 3-year warranty on every Henkelman machine

Parts available for up to 10 years after production ceases

Replacement parts delivered to your dealer within 24 hours

Automatic maintenance notification

Frequently asked questions

Do I need certain vacuum packing machines for specific products?

No and yes. The final vacuum result and the basic functions of all our vacuum packing machines are the same. However, the chamber dimensions and/or the available optional extras per model are different. This, as well as your personal wishes, type of product and product seize  , is why certain vacuum packing machines are a better option for you.

Why vacuum pack?

Vacuum packing results in a longer shelf life. This is because the oxygen is removed during the vacuuming process. This slows down the ripening process. The vacuum bag also gives your product air and liquid-tight protection against external factors. 

For how many hours can a Henkelman vacuum packing machine be used?

This depends on the model vacuum packing machine. According to our guidelines, a table top model can be used for 5 hours a day. For floor models and double chamber vacuum packing machines, this is 8 hours per day. It is important that there is sufficient ventilation around the machine to prevent overheating. Some machines can also be upgraded with a heavy duty option, making them operational for up to 20 hours a day. 

What is the difference between a chamber vacuum packing machine and a vacuum sealer?

The shelf life of products is highly dependent on the residual amount of oxygen in the packaging. Henkelman vacuum packing machines remove up to 99.8% of all oxygen from packaging. This is called the final vacuum result. A vacuum sealer achieves a significantly lower final vacuum result. And this in turn results in a shorter shelf life of your product. This is often the reason why vacuum sealers are primarily used in domestic environments.