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Vacuum packing for retail

Comply with all local hygiene standards, keep products fresher for longer and extend shelf life.

Vacuum packing for retail

Whether you have a butcher’s shop, green grocer’s or nut store, or are a cheese farmer, chicken farmer, or owner of a farm shop, vacuum-sealing with a Henkelman machine will professionally package your products and extend their shelf life in line with all local requirements and hygiene standards. Depending on your wishes and budget, you can choose a model and optional extras that suit your packaging needs. After that, it’s just plug & play. 

The advantages of a Henkelman for you

Longer shelf life

The vacuum-sealing of food reduces the growth of bacteria and extends shelf life, without having to add preservatives. Vacuum-packed products retain their weight, flavour and aroma. They also have a longer shelf life compared to refrigeration and retain their quality when frozen. 

Packaging in plain sight

The Henkelman table-top models are ideal for placing on your counter or on your market stall. By packaging your products in plain sight, your customers will be able to see exactly what happens to their fresh products. You are also providing your customers with hygienic packaging that also ensure their products can be kept at home without loss of quality.  

Optimal hygiene

Vacuum-packing your products allows you to preserve them safely. With a Henkelman you will meet all local hygiene standards. All machines are easy to keep clean and meet all European and North American requirements in terms of safety, health and environmental protection.

Advice about our machines?

With our global service and dealer network, there is always an advisor in your neighborhood. 

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Vacumeermachines voor retail & supermarkten

Options & Accessoires

Handy vacuum-packing options for retail

From vacuum-sealing nuts, cheese, fish and meat products and the vacuum-packing of sliced fruit and vegetables to marinating, red meat and preserving jar functions:
Soft air

Soft air

This enables the optimal vacuum packing of sharp or sensitive products without damaging the product or vacuum bag.

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ACS bedieningspaneel

Advanced Control System (ACS)

Advanced full color operating system with 20 pre-programmed or user-configurable programs and extra functions for optimal user-friendliness.

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Universal trolley (table model)

Stainless steel trolley with shelves and swiveling wheels with brakes. Provides mobility and storage space.

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Sensor control

Sensor control

Detects the vacuum pressure and automatically stops the process when the preset vacuum percentage is reached

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Henkelman Aero vacuum packing machine
Henkelman Aura Vacuum packing machine
Henkelman Marlin vacuum packing machine

Service & Warranty

Standard 3-year warranty on every Henkelman machine

Parts available for up to 10 years after production ceases

Replacement parts delivered to your dealer within 24 hours

Automatic maintenance notification

Frequently asked questions

Why vacuum pack?

Vacuum packing results in a longer shelf life. This is because the oxygen is removed during the vacuuming process. This slows down the ripening process. The vacuum bag also gives your product air and liquid-tight protection against external factors. 

Can I place a table top vacuum packing machine in a shop?

Yes. Both the dimensions and looks of Henkelman table top vacuum packing machines make them perfect to be placed in plain sight, the pump of a table top model only runs when you are vacuuming a product. This keeps excess noise to a minimum. 

For how many hours a day can I use a table top vacuum packing machine?

You can use a table top vacuum packing machine for up to 5 hours a day according to the guidelines.