Dip tanks

In combination with a Henkelman vacuum packing machine, a dip tank results in sleek, professional packaging using shrink-wrap technology. Products are vacuum sealed in special shrink-wrap bags and then briefly immersed in warm water.

Advantages of a dip tank

Optimal product protection

The shrink technology ensures that any liquids present in the product are retained, which results in the preservation of flavor, weight and quality. 

Professional presentation

Shrink packaging results in a more tightly packed product with a smoother surface. This improves the presentation and aesthetics of your product. 

Suitable for automatic line

In combination with the Titaan 2-90 or the Titaan 110, the Diptank 200A forms an automatic line for an even more efficient packaging process. 

Completely automated workflow  

For a fully automatic, optimal process with minimal downtime and maximum output you can combine the Diptank 200A with the Titaan 110 (single chamber) or the Titaan 2-90 (double chamber). After vacuum packing, products go directly or along an external transport conveyor to the dip tank. After a brief immersion, the vacuum-packed product moves from the platform, along the integrated outfeed conveyor to the next step in your packaging process.   

See how it works (video)  

Which dip tank is best for you?

All dip tanks are made from stainless steel with hydraulic drive and digital temperature control. The Diptank 200A is completely automatic and is fitted with an integrated outfeed conveyor, limescale protection and automatic water level control. The major difference between the models is size, capacity and budget: the Diptank 60 is smaller than the Diptank 100, but cheaper to purchase. If you are looking for a dip tank for a production line, the Diptank 200A is most suitable.  

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Service & Warranty

Standard 3-year warranty on every Henkelman machine

Parts available for up to 10 years after production ceases

Replacement parts delivered to your dealer within 24 hours

Frequently asked questions

Is a dip tank moveable?

The Diptank60 and the Diptank100 are fitted with castors and can therefore be moved. The Diptank200A stands on adjustable feet due to the adjustable input and output heights and is therefore not mobile.

Can a dip tank be connected to single-phase power supply?

No. All dip tanks require a three-phase power supply.

What is a dip tank used for?

A dip tank generates sleek, professional packaging using shrink technology. Vacuuming products in special shrink bags and then briefly immersing them in the warm water of the dip tank creates an even tighter packaging around the product. This also ensures that moisture is retained in the products, so that no flavour or weight is lost.