Floor-standing vacuum packaging machine

If you want to vacuum pack large quantities of food, a Henkelman single chamber floor-model is a good choice. The large capacity, powerful pumps and robust design and materials make these machines suitable for intensive use and larger production volumes in food and non-food industries. Henkelman self-standing vacuum machines are available in many different chamber sizes, with and without additional optional extras and/or accessories.

Advantages of floor-standing models

Large quantities

The higher processing capacity compared to table models allows you to vacuum pack larger quantities in quick succession.

Professional use

The high vacuum capacity is ideal for professional use in the catering and food processing industries.

For intensive use

The pumps are powerful and run continuously. This ensures that the machine can be used longer and more intensively on a daily basis.

Difference between single chamber and table model

Pump capacity

The pump capacity of a floor-standing model is more powerful. This delivers a faster packing cycle than table models. 

A matter of budget?

Table models are less expensive than single chamber floor-standing models. 


A table model vacuum packing machine is relatively compact and can be placed on a worktop. Floor-standing models can be easily moved around because they are on wheels. 

Would you like to know more?

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Options & accessories

Made to measure Henkelman

All floor-standing models are equipped with 10 operating programs, time control, double seal, pump cleaning program, automatic maintenance notification, a choice of cut-off or wide sealing and insert plates. Depending on the specific type of floor-standing model, you can upgrade with various optional extras such as:
ACS bedieningspaneel

Advanced Control System (ACS)

Advanced full color operating system with 20 pre-programmed or user-configurable programs and extra functions for optimal user-friendliness.

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Liquid control

Liquid Control

Stops the vacuuming process when evaporation is detected. This prevents contamination of the chamber, oxidation of the pump, and dehydration and loss of weight

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modified atmosphere packaging

Gas Flush / MAP packaging

Extends the shelf-life and protects vulnerable products from distortion and discoloration through the addition of preservative gas

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Electrostatic discharge (ESD)

Special version for packing electronic components that are sensitive to possible static charges that may be generated by the machine and its process.

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Service & Warranty

Standard 3-year warranty on every Henkelman machine

Parts available for up to 10 years after production ceases

Replacement parts delivered to your dealer within 24 hours

Automatic maintenance notification

Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose a floor model vacuum packing machine?

Is your product too big to fit into a table top vacuum packing machine? Or do you need to package a large number of products, which would make the table model less efficient? Then you should choose a floor model vacuum packing machine. This enables you to vacuum pack larger or multiple products at the same time. 

Can I install a floor model vacuum packing machine myself?

Henkelman floor model vacuum packing machines are fitted with high-voltage power (three-phase). As well as a special three-phase connection, you will also need specialist knowledge of electricity to connect the machine. 

Does a floor model vacuum packing machine work on three-phase current?

Yes. Henkelman floor model vacuum packing machines work on three-phase high voltage power.

Can I also place a floor model vacuum packing machine at the front of the shop?

Yes, you can. However, the pump of the floor model vacuum packing machine runs continuously. The noise this makes can be experienced as a nuisance. 

Can I easily move a floor model vacuum packing machine?

Yes. All our floor model vacuum packing machines are fitted with castors, so it is easy to move. 

For how many hours can I use a floor model vacuum packing machine each day?

You can use a floor model vacuum packing machine for up to 8 hours a day according to the guidelines. It is important that there is sufficient ventilation around the machine to prevent overheating.