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Gas Flush (MAP) vacuum packaging


Some products benefit from the addition of a preservative gas. Products such as lettuce or crisps, but also pre-baked products or cooked fish. Gas flushing ensures that food has a longer shelf life and that flavour, colour, shape and quality are retained. In most cases, the gas mixture is a combination of nitrogen (N2) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Oxygen (02) is sometimes also added. 

How does gas flushing work with a Henkelman?

When products in the chamber have reached the required vacuum level, the machine injects preservative gas through a special injection system before sealing the vacuum bag. After sealing, air is introduced back into the chamber through the aeration valve. Once the pressure inside the chamber is equal to outside the chamber, the lid of the machine opens automatically, and you can remove the product. Gas flushing (MAP) is an optional extra that can be added to many Henkelman models. 

Gasverpakken of MAP verpakken met de Henkelman Marlin

Different types of gas mixtures

If you want to add gas to your vacuum packing, you can choose from different gas mixtures. These are not available from Henkelman. If you want to know more about the different types of gas, we advise you to contact a gas supplier or consult the Air Products gas selector.  

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Gasverpakken of MAP verpakken met Henkelman vacumeermachines
Henkelman Boxer 42 with ACS  PNG
Henkelman Falcon Vacuum packing machine
Henkelman Polar single chamber vacuum packing machine
Henkelman Falcon double chamber vacuum packing machine

Frequently asked questions

Is working with gas dangerous?

No, as long as you adhere to the prescribed guidelines as set out in the user manual. None of the gasses listed in the manual are harmful to the product or the operator. 

Can I connect gas to the Aero range?

No. The Aero vacuum packing machines are not suitable for gas flushing (Modified Atmosphere Packaging).