Advanced Control System -ACS-

Henkelman’s Advanced Control System is an advanced operating system with which you can effortlessly package each product with all its unique characteristics. The various options and intelligent functions help you set-up the right vacuum program. These can be set-up per product. Whether you are packaging food products, electronics, documents or other non-food products, ACS optimises the packaging process for you. It is even possible to set-up secure access with different user authorisations. The Advanced Control System is available as standard or optional on all Henkelman machines, with the exception of Jumbo, Aero and Aura.

Standard with the Advanced Control System:

Full Colour LCD screen (4.7 inch)
Every machine with the ACS system also has a large, full colour 4.7-inch LCD screen. This alphanumeric display has 5 languages (more as optional) and displays the animated packaging cycle, the current date and time.
Set 20 programs
The ACS operating system allows you to set-up 20 pre-programmed vacuum programs. This can be done manually on the machine or using a laptop or PC. This enables you to create your own ideal program per product. Once you have entered all the required information, it can easily be transferred to your Henkelman machine using a USB thumb drive. Then, all you need to do is select the required program on the screen.
Sensor control
It is self-evident that you want to achieve the perfect vacuum result for every product. Sensor control helps with this. You set the correct vacuum percentage and sensor control detects when this has been reached. The next step in your vacuum packaging process then follows automatically. You can set the vacuum in percentages (%), but also in mbar or hPa.

Other possibilities with ACS

Preserving jar function

The ACS panel is also equipped with a preserving jar function. With just one push of a button, you can vacuum pack jars in just a few seconds. Instead of a product in a bag, place the preserving jar with lid in the vacuuming chamber. You select the correct function and close the lid of the machine. Each jar is sealed with a maximum final vacuum percentage of 99.8%. As you do not have to seal the jar, your vacuuming cycle is even faster.  

Marinade function

The marinade function is perfect for infusing flavours deeper into your products. Thanks to the intelligent software, a pulsating pressure is created. This opens the structure of your product, allowing the marinade to penetrate into your meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. The marinade is absorbed in minutes instead of hours, so to speak.  


By maintaining a vacuum in the vacuuming chamber for a pre-set period of time (maximum 30 minutes) product cells are broken down more quickly due to the continuous pressure difference. This ensures that products such as meat, but also firmer products such as bamboo, become tender faster.  

Red meat function

A characteristic of red meat is that it degasses, even after packaging. This creates unwanted air bubbles in your packaging. By means of a small, short injections of air, this function stops the moisture in the meat degassing during the sealing phase. This ensures optimal packaging with a longer shelf life and better quality red meat.  

Step vacuum

If you want to be sure that all air in the package is removed, you can use the step vacuum function. Your product will then be gradually vacuum packed. Step vacuum is ideal for products that contain a lot of air, such as minced meat, pate, mousse and cheese. 

Optional on ACS

Label printer

Henkelman’s Advanced Control System offers the option to set-up and print labels. This enables you to immediately label your vacuum-sealed products with the correct data or product information. You can easily set it up on your laptop or PC.

Useful tip

Program your own settings on the ACS operating system.

Go to the ACS configurator

ACS is available on many models