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Henkelman seal systems


At Henkelman you can choose from several sealing systems. The right system ensures that the desired final vacuum will effectively protect your product from external factors. Most machines are equipped with a double seal, and many have the free option to swap this for a cut-off seal. Machines prepared to work in an ESD safe environment that are suitable for packaging electronics are equipped with a bi-active seal. Whatever you need, you can choose from a wide range of different sealing technologies.  

Convex sealing wires

The Double seal, Cut-off seal and the 1-2 Cut-off seal all use convex sealing wires. This ensures that any residue or moisture is pushed out of the folds in the bag during sealing instead of being pressed into them. This reduces the chance of leaks and makes the seal much stronger and more hygienic. 

Double seal

This is Henkelman’s most standard seal. It has two 3.5-millimetre convex sealing wires and is suitable for all sealing needs in every sector and for both food and non-food products.  

Henkelman dubbel seal

Cut-off seal

This seal consists of one convex 3.5-millimetres sealing wire and one round 1.1-millimetre cutting wire. The cutting wire ensures that the remainder of the vacuum bag can be torn off. If you want to be able to adjust the settings of only the sealing wire, choose the 1-2 cut-off seal. 

Henkelman cut off seal

Bi-active seal

The bi-active seal is the perfect solution when using aluminium or thicker vacuum bags. This system has sealing bars on the inside of the lid as well as in the chamber. This ensures that the bag is sealed from two sides. 

1-2 cut-off seal

Just like the standard cut-off seal, this seal consists of one rounded 3.5-millimetre sealing wire and one round 1.1-millimetre cutting wire. However, the difference is that you can adjust the settings for the sealing wire and cutting wire separately. This can be particularly useful when using shrink bags or bags made from strong but thin foil. 

Henkelman 1-2 cut off seal

Wide seal

Certain types of vacuum bags are pre-sealed on three sides. For an aesthetically pleasing effect, you can use the 8-millimetre-wide seal to neatly seal the open side.

Henkelman brede seal

Heavy duty sealing bar

If you choose a heavy duty version of a machine, you will need this more powerful, heavy duty sealing bar. The smart construction and the use of robust materials guarantees the efficiency and quality of every vacuum packaging under the most extreme conditions.