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Vacuum packing fish

Package products for a longer shelf life, flavor retention and hygienic transport    

Vacuum packing fish

Henkelman has many options when it comes to the industrial packaging of fish. Whether vacuum packing a whole salmon or cooked fish, with the extensive range of vacuum packing machines, capacities, optional extras and accessories you can easily choose a machine that suits your production process. The robust machines are designed to make daily cleaning and maintenance very easy, and very little maintenance is required. With the heavy duty version, you can professionally vacuum-pack fish for up to 20 hours a day.  

The benefits of a Henkelman for you

Robust quality & optimal hygiene

Henkelman machines are specially developed for the food production industry. The machines are easy to keep clean and require very little maintenance, which guarantees continuity. All machines are certified to meet CE or UL/CSA requirements and meet all European and North American requirements in terms of safety, health and environmental protection.  

Flavor and weight retention

Vacuum-sealing food products reduces the growth of bacteria and therefore extends the shelf life without having to add preservatives. Fish products that are vacuum-packed retain their weight, flavour and aroma. This also prevents dehydration, freezer burn and mould. Your fish has a longer shelf life compared to refrigeration and retains its quality when frozen. 

Optimal storage & transport

Vacuum-packed and sealed products can be stored and transported hygienically. As your product is perfectly packaged, it is possible to store different packages together. This optimizes both storage space and transport. 

Best vacuum packing machines for fish

Salt corrodes certain materials. If you work with salty products, such as in the fish industry, you need a stainless steel vacuum packing machine. The Henkelman range includes various machines that are made entirely from stainless steel. 

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Professional presentation by using a Diptank

Shrink packaging results in a more tightly packed product with a smoother surface. This improves the presentation and aesthetics of your product. In combination with a Henkelman vacuum packing machine, a dip tank results in sleek, professional packaging using shrink-wrap technology. Products are vacuum sealed in special shrink-wrap bags and then briefly immersed in warm water.

Vis vacumeren met professionele vacumeermachines

Need help choosing?

You can vacuum-pack fish with any Henkelman. You can choose from different models, capacities, options and customisation possibilities. From an advanced tabletop model to a single- or industrial double-chamber, heavy-duty version that packs professionally for up to 20 hours a day. We will be happy to help you choose.

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Options & accessories

Useful packaging options for the fish industry 

Depending on the model and specific type, you can upgrade each Henkelman with different optional extras and accessories. This can be useful if you want to vacuum-pack specific products such as a whole salmon or cooked fish. Using these functions guarantees a perfect packaging solution for with longer shelf life and flavour retention. Possible options include:
Liquid control

Liquid Control

Stops the vacuuming process when evaporation is detected. This prevents contamination of the chamber, oxidation of the pump, and dehydration and loss of weight

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ACS bedieningspaneel

Advanced Control System (ACS)

Advanced full color operating system with 20 pre-programmed or user-configurable programs and extra functions for optimal user-friendliness.

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Externe pompaansluiting

External pump connection

Allows external installation of the pump in separate locations.

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Ausführung für Dauerbetrieb

Heavy duty model

Special version of the machine that can be operational for 20 hours per day.

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Henkelman Marlin vacuum packing machine
Henkelman Atmoz double chamber packing machine
Henkelman Titaan automatic vacuum packer
Henkelman Boxer 42 with ACS  PNG
Henkelman Diptank 100  Hero

Service & Waranty

Standard 3-year warranty on every Henkelman machine

Parts available for up to 10 years after production ceases

Replacement parts delivered to your dealer within 24 hours

Automatic maintenance notification

Frequently asked questions

Can I vacuum pack different types of products at the same time?

Yes. For an optimal packaging result but you should take into account that the selected program settings are optimal for all products. 

Which machine is best suited for vacuum packing fish?

You can vacuum pack fish with all Henkelman vacuum packing machines. Our most popular vacuuming machine for packaging fish is the Marlin 90. This is because of its specific dimensions. The Marlin is also made of stainless steel and has a plastic lid. Stainless steel is an ideal material for packaging salty products, simply because salt corrodes other materials.

Is the Polar vacuum packing machine suitable for industrial use?

Yes. The robust construction of the Polar makes these vacuum packing machines suitable for industrial use.

Is this vacuum packing machine suitable to be used in the food industry?

In general, foodstuffs should not come into direct contact with aluminium. As products are packaged in a vacuum bag, the product will never come into direct contact with the aluminium of the chamber. This means that a Falcon vacuum packing machine can be used in (kitchens in) the food industry. 

Can I connect these vacuum packing machines to other machines?

Henkelman automatic vacuum packing machines can be fitted in a line with other machines. However, they do not exchange data or communicate with other machines.