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The perfect machine for the additional sealing of vacuum packed food products that used shrink-wrap technology to create an optimal packaging result. Equipped with digital time control and hydraulic drive.

Chamber dimensions:
500 x 600 x 220 mm
Machine dimensions: 770 x 790 x 1320 mm (LxWxH)
Pump capacity: m3/h
Seal bar (L): mm
Machine cycle: 3-5 sec sec

Extra options
Operating system

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Hydraulic drive

Raises and lowers the platform.

Digital temperature control

Makes it possible to adjust the temperature based on the chosen shrink bag.

Insulation beads

Insulation beads float on the surface of the water minimizing evaporation.

Limescale protection

Helps prevent limescale build-up and therefore extends the lifespan of the dip tank.

Automatic water level control

Automates water refilling, which prevents overheating and ensures that the water level remains constant 

Professional product presentation

In combination with a Henkelman vacuuming machine, the Diptank can create optimal vacuum packing. By briefly immersing products in hot water immediately after the vacuuming cycle, the special shrink bag creates a second skin around the product. The product is therefore packed more aesthetically, without loss of weight or quality. 

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Quality assurance

Through shrink technology and the use of special shrink-wrap bags, the Diptank creates a second skin around the product. This ensures that all liquids present in the product are retained. This not only guarantees flavor and weight, but also quality. 

Henkelman Diptank 100  Hero

Automatic line

Together with the Diptank 200A, the Titaan 110 or the Titaan 2-90 create an automatic line. This generates maximum output with minimal human effort. This allows the operator to focus on other aspects of the packaging process.  

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Extra options

Customize your Henkelman

Externe Transportband

External conveyor belt

Automatically transports the products

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Henkelman diptank 60
Henkelman Diptank 100 Hero 1
Henkelman Diptank 200A Hero 1
Chamber dimensions (mm)
500 x 600 x 220
600 x 800 x 220
575 x 1098 x 200
Machine dimensions (mm)
770 x 790 x 1320
880 x 1000 x 1320
1170 x 1700 x 1350
Machine cycle (in sec)
3-5 sec
3-5 sec
Weight (kg)
Power (kWh)
Operating systems
1- Programma
1- Programma
1- Programma

Frequently asked questions

What is a dip tank used for?

A dip tank generates sleek, professional packaging using shrink technology. Vacuuming products in special shrink bags and then briefly immersing them in the warm water of the dip tank creates an even tighter packaging around the product. This also ensures that moisture is retained in the products, so that no flavour or weight is lost.

How warm should the water in a dip tank be?

You can achieve the best vacuum packaging results with water at a temperature of between 80 and 90 degrees Celsius (175-195 Fahrenheit).

Can I pasteurise with a dip tank?

No. The dip tank is designed for the quick dipping of packaged products. On average this is 3 to 5 seconds, which is too short for complete pasteurisation.

Can I use the dip tank for sous-vide cooking?

No. The dip tank is designed for the quick dipping of packaged products. On average this is 3 to 5 seconds, which is too short for sous-vide cooking. 

Is a dip tank moveable?

The Diptank60 and the Diptank100 are fitted with castors and can therefore be moved. The Diptank200A stands on adjustable feet due to the adjustable input and output heights and is therefore not mobile.

Can a dip tank be connected to single-phase power supply?

No. All dip tanks require a three-phase power supply.

Should I use a special liquid in dip tanks?

No, not necessarily. You can simply use tap water. However, descaled water is best to keep the dip tank in optimal condition.