Cooking sous-vide

Cooking with vacuum-packed products

Vacuum cooking

Sous-vide literally means ‘under vacuum’: a technique whereby vacuum-packed food is slowly cooked at a relatively low(er) and well controlled temperature. It offers several benefits that help to preserve the natural flavours and nutritional value of the ingredients. In combination with a good vacuum sealing machine, it ensures the preservation of quality, flavour and unprecedented precision and consistency on the plate. Discover your culinary possibilities with a Henkelman.  

Step-by-step plan for sous-vide cooking

1. Mise-en-place
Prepare and portion your products. Put them in a vacuum cooking bag together with flavour enhancers if required. Select the right program and vacuum-seal the ingredients.
2. Cook
Place the vacuum-sealed product in a warm water bath and cook it at the right temperature. Choose the required time, depending on your ingredients
3. Cool
If you are not serving your product immediately, it must be cooled before refrigerating. This can be done naturally by allowing the product to cool outside the fridge, or by using a blast chiller.
4. Serve or store
When you are ready to serve, you can start plating. Or you can store (refrigerate) the product for later use.

Advantages of sous-vide cooking

Preservation of flavour and texture

By slowly cooking ingredients in a very precise, controlled way, they retain their naturally occurring flavours, juices and nutrients. 

Consistent, high-quality results

Cooking sous-vide at a low, controlled temperature reduces the risk of over or under cooking. So you will always serve the best cooked ingredients, time and time again. Day after day. 

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Flexible timing

Sous-vide gives chefs the flexibility to prepare and cook dishes in small and large quantities without overcooking them. The food can remain in the warm water bath until it is ready to be used or served. 

Useful options and functions with sous-vide cooking

If you want to use your Henkelman to prepare ingredients for sous-vide cooking, there are several functions that make it even easier to vacuum-seal your ingredients.
ACS bedieningspaneel

Advanced Control System (ACS)

Advanced full color operating system with 20 pre-programmed or user-configurable programs and extra functions for optimal user-friendliness.

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Liquid control

Liquid Control

Stops the vacuuming process when evaporation is detected. This prevents contamination of the chamber, oxidation of the pump, and dehydration and loss of weight

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Sensor control

Sensor control

Detects the vacuum pressure and automatically stops the process when the preset vacuum percentage is reached

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Henkelman Placa de inserción inclinada

Inclined insert plate

Positions the vacuum bag at an angle. This makes it easier and more efficient to vacuum pack fluids and powders.

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From short ribs and pork belly to kimchi, cocktails and brittle chocolate for the campfire. Henkelman asked several chefs to unleash their creativity in combination with one of our vacuum packing machines. 

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Which machine for sous-vide cooking?

Henkelman offers a wide range of vacuum sealing machines so that you can easily vacuum-pack all your ingredients. The type of product, the size and number of portions per day will determine which machine suits you best. Do you need advice? 

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