Vacuum packing meat

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Vacuum packing meat

More and more companies are vacuum packing meat. This technique removes air from the packaging, creating an airtight environment. This ensures that the meat remains fresher for longer and has a longer shelf life. Vacuum packing meat prevents food waste and offers professional packaging for the food processing industry and institutional kitchens, from catering and retail to smaller farm shops. 

What kinds of meat can be vacuum packed?

Large pieces of meat
Large pieces of meat can easily be packaged with a Henkelman machine for better shelf life.
Meat on the bone or skewered
Meat products with sharp edges such as bones or a skewer can be safely vacuum sealed using the soft air function.
Marinated meat
By adding a marinade to your meat products during the vacuum packing process, the flavour penetrates deeper into the meat.
Processed meats
Package processed meats such as pâté or sliced meats by adding preservative gas.

Advantages of vacuum packing meat

Extended shelf life

Removing the air from the packaging prevents oxidation and spoilage. This keeps your meat fresher for longer and it retains its quality as the chance of bacterial growth is minimised. This results in an extended shelf life.

Flavour and texture retention, and maturing

The absence of air means that there is less chance that your product will lose its flavour or dehydrates. It also ensures that all the naturally occurring juices stay in the meat. The product will therefore retain its flavour and texture for longer. In fact, it even ensures that the meat continues to mature.  

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Efficient storage

By removing 99.8% of the air from the package, vacuum packing means that your product takes up less space in the fridge or freezer. The packaging fits tightly around the meat. This makes it more efficient to transport meat or store it for longer periods of time. The secure packaging also prevents cross-contamination between different products.  

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Reduced food waste

Vacuum packed meat has a longer shelf life. This reduces the risk of spoilage. You can therefore buy and store larger quantities of meat without worrying that your customers won’t consume it. 

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Marinating and preparation

Vacuum sealing meat is an effective way of allowing marinades, herbs and spices to penetrate deeper into the meat. The vacuuming process opens up the pores of the meat so that the flavours are absorbed even better. Not only does this improve the flavour, but it also makes the meat more tender. 

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Vacuum packing meat

Vacuum packing meat with a Henkelman machine is a simple process. Place your chilled product – with or without a marinade – in the vacuum bag, select the required vacuuming programme and initiate the vacuuming process. All air is removed from the chamber, creating a perfect vacuum. The packaging is then sealed before the chamber fills with air again and you can remove the finished product. Depending on the meat product you are packaging, there are also several useful options you can add to your vacuuming process, such as:
Soft air

Soft air

This enables the optimal vacuum packing of sharp or sensitive products without damaging the product or vacuum bag.

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modified atmosphere packaging

Gas Flush / MAP packaging

Extends the shelf-life and protects vulnerable products from distortion and discoloration through the addition of preservative gas

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ACS bedieningspaneel

Advanced Control System (ACS)

Advanced full color operating system with 20 pre-programmed or user-configurable programs and extra functions for optimal user-friendliness.

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Sensor control

Sensor control

Detects the vacuum pressure and automatically stops the process when the preset vacuum percentage is reached

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Need help choosing?

Meat can be vacuum packed using a Henkelman machine. You can choose from different models, capacities, functions and customisable options. From an advanced table model to a single or double chamber industrial model, with a heavy duty version that can produce professional vacuum packaged products for up to 20 hours a day. We are happy to help you choose the right machine.  

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Frequently asked questions

Should I discard a product if it boils?

No. The vacuuming process stops when a product boils. This may mean that the intended final vacuum pressure is not achieved. You do not have to discard your products, but the shelf life of your product may be reduced. 

Can I vacuum pack different types of products at the same time?

Yes. For an optimal packaging result but you should take into account that the selected program settings are optimal for all products. 

How do I vacuum pack meat on the bone or a skewer without tearing the bag?

By using a Henkelman vacuum packing machine with soft air function, you can effortlessly package meat products with sharp bones or skewers. This function is available on all machines in the range, except the Jumbo.

What is the best vacuum setting for meat or fish?

This depends on the product you are packing. A deep vacuum is ideal because it ensures the longest shelf life. However, for some products such as fragile or soft products, it is advisable to set a lower final vacuum value.

Why does my vacuum packing machine not achieve the desired final vacuum?

Almost all foods contain moisture. Under vacuum the boiling temperature drops. When the machine reaches this temperature, the vacuuming process stops. This can happen before the final vacuum percentage is achieved. We therefore advise that you thoroughly chill the product to 2 to 4 degrees C (37°F).

Why do air bubbles form in my vacuum packaging?

Some kinds of meat and fish release gas during the vacuum packing process. These gasses can also escape after the vacuum packing process. This creates air bubbles in the packaging. You can solve this by using the red meat program.