Vacuum packing cheese

Achieve a longer shelf life while retaining flavour and quality

Perfectly packaged cheese

Vacuum packaging cheese plays an important role in extending the shelf life of this tasty dairy product. Removing air using our step vacuum (available as on option in our Advance Control System) creates the perfect conditions for retaining all the characteristic flavours, aromas and textures of various types of cheeses. Whether you are a small cheese producer selling cheese directly to customers or packaging cheese on an industrial scale: vacuum packaging offers many practical advantages in addition to professional packaging.  

Which type of cheese can be vacuum sealed?

Hard cheeses
Vacuum packing hard pieces of cheese keeps them fresh and gives them a longer shelf life.
Soft cheeses
Delicate, soft cheeses can be safely packaged using soft air without being crushed.
Fragrant cheeses
Vacuum packing ensures that cheese does not absorb or release odours into the environment.
Sliced cheese
Sliced cheese can also be vacuum packed. Preservative gas can also be added if required.

Advantages of vacuum sealing cheese

Longer shelf life

Removing air from the packaging ensures that cheese remains fresh and tasty. The absence of air limits the growth of bacteria, which means the product has a longer shelf life.

Protection against odours

Some types of cheese have a strong odour. This odour can be overwhelming and can also be transferred to other products. Airtight packaging protects your cheese from both absorbing and releasing odours.  

Prevention of dehydration

Vacuuming ensures that the moisture present in the cheese is retained. Vacuum sealed cheese does not dry out and remains as deliciously creamy as the day it was made.  

Maturing is possible

Some types of cheese can continue to mature inside the vacuum packaging. This contributes to the development of flavour and texture.  

Less food waste

Because vacuum sealed products have a longer shelf life, they can be stored for longer and your customers can consume the cheese for longer without it ending up in the bin.  

Vacuum packing cheese

Vacuum sealing cheese with a Henkelman machine is easy. Choose which cheese you want to package and select the right program. Then place the cheese in a vacuum bag, put it into the chamber, close the lid and initiate the vacuum packing process. When all the air has been removed, the bag is automatically sealed and the chamber will refill with air. After this, you have the option of labelling your product.

Soft air

This enables the optimal vacuum packing of sharp or sensitive products without damaging the product or vacuum bag.

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Advanced Control System (ACS)

Advanced full color operating system with 20 pre-programmed or user-configurable programs and extra functions for optimal user-friendliness.

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Gas Flush / MAP packaging

Extends the shelf-life and protects vulnerable products from distortion and discoloration through the addition of preservative gas

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Thermal label printer

Ultra-compact thermal printer (HACCP proof) for labeling products. Only in combination with the Advanced Control System.

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Need help choosing?

Depending on the product to be packaged, your wishes and budget, there is a Henkelman machine to suit your needs. From a lightweight table model for your market stall to a heavy duty version of a single or industrial double chamber floor model. This allows you to vacuum pack for up to 20 hours per day. Would you like more information or help choosing the right machine? 

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Frequently asked questions

Is my product affected by boiling while under vacuum?

That depends on the product. There is hardly any effect on pure liquids such as water. Is liquid part of your product or is water incorporated into the product? Then it is possible that the water will evaporate when it boils. This can dry the product out. A composite product containing liquid can also curdle.

Which sealing bar configuration do I need?

This depends on the dimensions of the vacuum bag (or the product size) you are using and the quantity of products you want to package per time period.

Is the vacuum packing machine speed adjustable?

There are several settings you can adjust to change the cycle speed of our automatic vacuum packing machines. These may also have an effect on the final packaging result.