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Mini Jumbo


A compact, functional and lightweight table model. Suitable for, effective and professional vacuum packing of products like cheese, nuts or meat. Equipped with time control, 1-program memory and double or cut-off sealing.  

Chamber dimensions:
310 x 280 x 85 mm
Machine dimensions: 450 x 335 x 305 mm (LxWxH)
Pump capacity: 4 m3/h
Seal bar (L): 263 mm
Machine cycle: 18-67 sec

Extra options
Operating system

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1 program memory

Offers the possibility of programming 1 program

Time control

Manually sets the vacuuming time

Flat lid

Faster machine cycle. The flat lid reduces the available space, making the vacuuming process faster. 


Pump cleaning program

Maintains the condition of the machine by removing moisture from the pump preventing corrosion.

Automatic Service Report

Automatic maintenance notification when the specified number of cycles has been reached. Standard on all Henkelman machines.

Insert plates

Adjusts the product to the correct position in relation to the sealing bar for optimal packaging. This also reduces the volume of the chamber and speeds up the vacuuming process.

Small but functional

The Mini Jumbo is the smallest machine in the collection. And that has its advantages. The lightweight model is easy to transport, which makes it perfect for packaging products from a market stall, for example. This entry-level model is ideal for gastronomic use because it takes up little space and is easy to clean.

Henkelman Mini Jumbo Tafelmodel Vacumeermachine

Easy to use

This vacuum sealing machine doesn’t have a difficult operating system or complicated settings. A maximum of 1 program can be pre-set, which makes it simple to operate the machine. 

Henkelman Mini Jumbo Tafelmodel Vacumeermachine

Easy to clean

The smooth rounded corners and seamless joins in the vacuuming chamber make the Mini Jumbo/Jumbo Plus easy to clean.The sealing bars can be easily removed during the cleaning process. The stainless steel material on the inside and outside make this model completely hygienic.  

Henkelman Mini Jumbo Tafelmodel Vacumeermachine

Extra options

Customize your Henkelman

Hoge deksel

High lid

Provides more height in the vacuum chamber. Useful when working with voluminous products

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Externe adapter set

External adapter

Enables an optimal vacuum in external containers such as gastro-norm containers.

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Onderhoudskit /  Servicekit 4-8 m3/h

Maintenance kit (table model)

Contains all the necessary equipment for a maintenance service for Henkelman table models

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Henkelman Placa de inserción inclinada

Inclined insert plate

Positions the vacuum bag at an angle. This makes it easier and more efficient to vacuum pack fluids and powders.

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Universal trolley (table model)

Stainless steel trolley with shelves and swiveling wheels with brakes. Provides mobility and storage space.

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Mini Jumbo Hero 2
Henkelman Jumbo Plus Hero 2
Chamber dimensions (mm)
310 x 280 x 85
310 x 280 x 85
Machine dimensions (mm)
450 x 335 x 305
450 x 335 x 305
Seal bar (mm)
Pump capacity (m3/h)
Machine cycle (in sec)
Weight (kg)
Power (kWh)
Insert plates
Operating systems
1- Programma
1- Programma
End vacuum detection
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Frequently asked questions

Can I easily take a Mini Jumbo vacuum packaging machine with me?

Yes. The Mini Jumbo is the lightweight vacuum packing machine in the Henkelman assortment. At 26 kilos (57 Lbs) this table top model is super mobile and ideal to take with you. 

What is the maximum size I can package with a Mini Jumbo vacuum packing machine?

This depends on the lid. With a standard flat lid version of the Mini Jumbo you can vacuum package products measuring 260x260x85 mm. With a raised lid this is 260x280x125 mm

What is the difference between a Mini Jumbo and a Jumbo Plus vacuum packing machine?

Both vacuum packing machines are the same in terms of dimensions and possible options. The Jumbo Plus has a larger pump capacity and is therefore more powerful.