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Everything you need to know about the daily and periodic maintenance of your Henkelman machine.  

Enjoy your Henkelman for longer

All Henkelman machines are easy to clean and maintain, both inside and out. This is thanks to the deep vacuum chambers with rounded corners, removable insert plates and seamless casing. In some cases you will receive a preventative maintenance notification. This ensures that your pump also lasts as long as possible.  

Daily maintenance

It is a good idea to clean your Henkelman machine after every use. This can easily be done by wiping down the chambers and casing with a cloth and mild cleaning solution. Also check the oil and top it up if necessary. All this guarantees the maximum lifespan of your machine. 

Pump cleaning program

The pump cleaning program should be run at least once a week or after a number of cycles. When vacuum packing liquids, we advise doing this every day after use. In just 15 minutes, the pump is heated and ventilated so that any moisture present evaporates and is removed. This ensures that any moisture released during the vacuuming process is removed, which prevents corrosion of the pump and maintains the lifespan of your machine. The program starts at the touch of a button. Also run this program if instructed to do so by the operating system.  

Replace the lid gasket

The the lid gasket can dry out or become worn and therefore need replacing. This is easily done by pulling them off the lid and replacing them with new ones, pressing them firmly into the groove.  

Replacing oil and exhaust filter

To keep your machine in optimal condition, we advise that you periodically replace the oil mist or exhaust filter –and the oil filter on machines with a 63 m3/h or bigger pump. Our machines are made so that you can do this relatively easily yourself.  

Replacing Teflon and sealing wires

The Teflon on the sealing bar ensures that the vacuum bag does not stick to the sealing bar. The sealing wire ensures that the bag is sealed properly. Both parts are subject to wear and should be replaced after a certain time. This is easy to do by pulling the Teflon tape off the sealing bar. Then remove the sealing wires using a screwdriver, clean the bar and install the new sealing wire. Then add a new layer of Teflon tape and place the sealing bar back in the machine. Both the Teflon tape and the sealing wire are replaced at the same time. 

Suggestion: To prevent production capacity loss, it is recommended to keep a complete sealbar as a separate part. When one sealing bar has its sealing wires replaced, the other can keep your production going. 

Order a maintenance kit

For standard maintenance, Henkelman offers a maintenance kit including new sealing wires, Teflon tape, rubber lid seals, silicone profiles for the counter bar and, for table models, a bottle of oil. These maintenance kits are available from your local dealer. Looking for a dealer in your area?  

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