Vacuum packing in glass


Vacuum packing in glass jars extends the shelf life of products and prevents discolouration of avocados and apples, for example. Packaging in this way offers benefits such as reuse and recyclability of glass. The technique ensures that the lid secures automatically due to the air pressure difference after vacuuming. This method is becoming increasingly popular, including for products such as croutons and Pokebowls. Henkelman's vacuumpack machines, equipped with an Advanced Control System (ACS), are suitable for this.

Read more about vacuum packing in glass and watch the video explaining how it works.

Vacuum packing in glass

Packaging in glass in a vacuum packaging machine


The times when a vacuum packaging machine was used exclusively for extending shelf life are far behind us. On our website, you will find a lot of information on, for instance, wet aging, marinating, infusing and much more.

A current topic is vacuum packaging in glass.

In a Henkelman machine with our ACS control, you can perfectly vacuum package in Glass jars and also in glass jars with screw lids. Many customers have discovered this application and are working to their advantage, on a small but increasingly large scale. The glass can be reused and glass is also recyclable. An important argument for many to choose this form of vacuum packaging.

Let's give a few examples: the trend is increasingly towards healthy eating. The Poke Bowl is therefore a hype. The ingredients that can be incorporated into such a Poke Bowl are sliced leaf lettuce, avocado, apple. Now when such a Poke Bowl is vacuum-packed in a Glass jar, the avocado stays green, the apple does not turn brown and the lettuce does not go limp. These Poke Bowls can be served this way in bistros, but also sold to-go in the same bistro or in petrol stations, snack bars, food trucks and company canteens, for example.

How can you keep your homemade croutons crunchy for a long time so that you can make a larger quantity at once? Vacuum packing in glass jars is the best solution!

In South Africa, Biltong is a national snack. These air-dried strips of meat have a limited shelf life. If they are packed tightly in a vacuum bag, the Biltongs are compressed into a lump. Now you see more and more the Biltong on the shelves in shops vacuum-packed in glass jars. The shelf life is extended, the Biltongs remain loose and the presentation of the product is very attractive.

How does it work?

Vacuum packing in glass works as follows: take a glass jar with sealing ring in the lid. Work your product into the glass jar and close the jar lid. Do not close the screw-on lid too tightly. Place the glass jars in the chamber of your Henkelman and select the special programme. Now close the lid of the machine, the machine starts the vacuuming process. Air is extracted from the chamber and the jars. Once the chamber is aerated, the air pressure difference causes the lid to close firmly on the jar