Vacuum packaging of food at a top caterer.

To find out what vacuum packaging can do for your food products, read the story of Van Melick. One of the top caterers in the Netherlands for many years. The company uses a Henkelman vacuum packing machine to package soups, sauces, fish, meat and other products.

Vacuum packing

It is possible to remove 99.8% of the air from the product and the vacuum bag. However, this requires a professional vacuum machine. The company Van Melick has been among the top caterers in the Netherlands for years. The company is well-known with a vacuum machine for packaging soups, sauces, fish, meat and other products. In addition to the vacuum packing machine Boxer 42, a Henkelman Polar 2-85 double chamber with automatic lid has also been installed.

Longer shelf-life is one of the reasons, but there are other factors that played a role in the decision to purchase an industrial model. Jorrit van Melick: "We process countless quantities of meals and ingredients every day. In order to transport and store them in the most efficient and safe way, vacuum packaging is essential."


The advantages of vacuum packaging food products

Extend the shelf life of products

Vacuum packaging your product reduces bacterial growth and extends the shelf life of your food products without the need to add preservatives. This means your products can be used, sold and served for longer period of time.

Food quality and safety

Hermetically sealing a vacuum bag prevents cross-contamination due to external influences and improves food safety. In addition, the vacuum-packed product is protected from dehydration, freezer burn and mould. Optimally protected, products can mature in vacuum packaging while retaining weight, flavour and aromas. 

Optimise storage, portioning and transport

As Jorrit van Melick said: with optimal use of valuable storage space, all shelves are efficiently arranged, as the most diverse vacuum-packed products can be stacked on top of each other. No wastage. No cross-contamination. No odours. Longer shelf life allows larger quantities of seasonal products to be purchased. Also favourable for portioning. 

Professional presentation and HACCP-compliant

From procurement and preparation to presentation. Vacuum packaging always ensures the best condition of food freshness and a professional presentation. Other important aspects are the hygiene and safety standards you need to meet. Make sure you follow the latest legal requirements and only use high-quality vacuum packaging machines for your professional applications. 

A ‘must’ for sous-vide cooking

Sous-vide cooking or vacuum cooking offers numerous advantages when it comes to preparation, quality and timing. With a Henkelman vacuum machine, ingredients can be correctly packed so that nothing stands in the way of sous-vide preparation.

Henkelman vacuum packaging machines

Do you want to buy a vacuum packaging machine? Henkelman offers the most complete range of professional machines. From small table-top models to large automatic double chambers Find out which model suits your product best!

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