How does a chamber vacuum sealer work?

Read this blog and find out how a vacuum packaging machine works, through a video featuring Balenciaga hoodies!

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A lot of times people are confused about the way a vacuum chamber machine works. What actually is happening inside of the chamber is not what you experience in front of your eyes. The air is extracted from the chamber and the product before you see the product being compressed! We will show you this by means of an example. Very often a vacuum chamber machine is used to vacuum pack food products. But non-food products can also be vacuum packed! We recently got the chance to package their hoodies together with Balenciaga to make a video for a publicity stunt.


Video Balenciaga - How does a chamber vacuum sealer work?

The vacuum packaging cycle in 3 main steps.

STEP 1: Vacuum extraction

Put your product in a vacuum bag and position the end of the bag on the seal bar. If your product is not high, use the insert plates for the correct positioning of the bag on the seal bar and a faster vacuum cycle, like we did for the Baleciaga hoodies. When you close the lid of the machine, the pump starts to extract the air out of the vacuum chamber. The whole chamber will get under vacuum, so the pressure inside the vacuum bag and inside the chamber is equal. Visually nothing happens yet! We offer different systems to control the vacuum percentage that you need for your specific product.

STEP 2: Sealing of the vacuum bag

During this step you can see that the sealing bar and the contra bar are being closed. When they are closed the sealing wires are being heated to melt the layers of the bag together. After a couple of seconds the bars reopen again. Multiple seal configurations are possible for different sizes and kinds of bags. Our machines our standard equiped with double seal wires, that we also used to close the bags of Balenciaga hoodies. Cut-off seal and wide seal are free options on our vacuum packaging machines.

STEP 3: Aeration of the chamber

The last step is the decompression of the vacuum chamber. You can use soft air for a slow decompression of fragile or sharp products. For the Balenciaga hoodies we skipped the soft air. The full decompression goes fast. Finally you can see the vacuum by your eyes as the pressure in the chamber and inside the bag is different! In this Balenciaga video the sound is fictive, but the visual shows the aeration phase perfectly! After the aeration the lid opens automatically.

Henkelman chamber vacuum sealers

We used a Marlin 52 vacuum packaging machine for this video. It fitted the size of the hoodies perfectly. Henkelman offers all different kinds and sizes of machines. Check our machine range and find the perfect chamber vacuum sealer for your application!

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