Gas injection with an industrial vacuumpack machine

Henkelman offers industrial vacuumpack machines with gas injection, a technique known as Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). This method extends the shelf life of food by adding gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide, preserving texture, flavour and colour. Gas injection is available for all Henkelman machines except the Jumbo and Titanium series. The use of specific gas mixtures protects food from discolouration and texture loss. Henkelman supplies the machines, but recommends contacting specialised gas suppliers for the right gas mixture.


Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Food gases are widely used in the food industry. They are designed to increase production benefits, minimise food waste, improve quality and food safety and extend shelf life. Prior to the sealing phase of our machines, a food grade gas can be added to your product. An industrial vacuumpack machine can be equipped with the gas flushing or gas injection option. This technique is called Modified Atmosphere Packaging or MAP. Gas flushing is optional and available on all our machines except the Jumbo and Titanium series. Our machines are prepared for gas flushing so it can always be retrofitted. For an industrial vacuumpack machine, we recommend ordering the machine already with the gas injection system built in, should this be required in the future.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Benefits of using gas


Do you want to preserve a food product naturally? Or achieve a longer shelf life while maintaining texture, flavour and colour? Are you looking for ways to improve production and reduce product waste? Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) or fumigation is a proven and natural method to extend the shelf life and quality of food products. It uses a specific single gas or mixture of gases to create a protective atmosphere around the food. This protective atmosphere, combined with appropriate packaging materials and, in many cases, reduced temperatures, preserves the taste, safety and appearance of the food for longer.


Using gas flushing on an industrial vacuumpack machine has many advantages. It extends the product's shelf life and provides extra protection. It also prevents the product from discolouring and protects the texture. Usually, a mixture of nitrogen (N2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) is used. Oxygen (O2) can also be added to this combination. The use of argon (Ar) is increasing, as it has the same properties as nitrogen (N2). Gas mixtures of more than 20% oxygen (O2) require a special pump.


As a manufacturer of vacuumpack machines, we build in the gas injection system but do not supply the gas. Contact a gas supplier who is knowledgeable about the ideal gas mixture for each food type. They will be happy to help you along the way, from identifying the best gas mixture for your product to starting production. For more information, please contact us....



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