Why does Artemis choose Henkelman's industrial vacuum packaging machine?

Which vacuum packaging machine is most suitable depends on the type of product, its dimensions and desired output capacity. Find out why the company Artemis chose an automatic line from Henkelman to pack their game. 

Artemis is a german company that specializes in providing high-quality wild game meat. They offer a variety of products, including venison, wild boar, and game birds, sourced from sustainable and ethical hunting practices. Their focus is on delivering natural, additive-free meat that supports a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, Artemis provides recipes and cooking tips to help customers enjoy their products to the fullest. More details can be found on their website Artemis-Wild.de.

Artemis opts for Henkelman industrial vacuum packaging machine

Which vacuum packaging machine is most suitable depends on the type of product, its dimensions and other product characteristics. The size of the machine also depends on the number of packs you want to produce per hour or per day. The company Artemis chose an automatic line from Henkelman to package their game. The large number of packs to be processed per day required an industrial vacuum packing machine.


The automatic line at Artemis

A few weeks ago, Henkelman delivered an automatic packaging line to Artemis GmbH & Co in Germany. The system consists of: a Henkelman Titanium 2-90 vacuum packaging machine, a DT 200A automatic shrink tank and a drying tunnel. The customer also purchased a metal detector from a specialist.

Artemis is a regular customer of German company Britz. Britz has been a Henkelman distributor for many years. Their showroom features Henkelman table-top models as well as single- and double-chamber floor models. The sales team and engineers are all well trained by Henkelman.

When our sales manager Armin van der Meulen and Ms Petra Seng, general manager of Britz, visited Artemis in the summer, everyone was enthusiastic about all the quality and application arguments of Henkelman's automatic line. 

Convincing options

The bubble-free packaging of game thanks to the special red meat program within the ACS controller made a big impression. The longer shelf life you create with it as well as the reduction of moisture loss are great advantages. The presentation of the packaged product is also much better.

The perfect packaging of bone-in game using the Soft Air option was convincing. The soft, slow aeration prevents damage to the vacuum bag. This saves a lot of work, reduces product loss and prevents material wastage.

The 1-2 cut-off seal option allows you to set the time of the sealing wire and the cutting wire separately. This is the only way to perfectly seal and cut off a shrink bag.

The machine table and automatic lid made of 5 mm stainless steel, the horizontal springs of the stable lid movement, the powerful Busch vacuum pump and the IP65-protected cleaning all prove that with a Henkelman you bring a high- end professional product into your business. The decision-makers contacted Ms Seng at short notice and clearly chose Henkelman.

The automatic line has since been installed and our sales manager Georg Schmitt was on hand to train the staff. Production is currently running full-time and the noble game from local forests is safely packaged with perfect presentation.

Henkelman's recommendation

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