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Heavy Duty Technology

Patented Heavy Duty Technology

Some Henkelman industrial chamber vacuum machines have the option of choosing a heavy duty version. This is a separate version of a machine that allows operators to vacuum pack under the most extreme conditions up to 20 hours per day during different shifts without the machine stopping. This special Henkelman Heavy Duty technology is patented. 

A heavy duty version always includes:

Powerful vacuum pump

A constant packaging process demands a powerful vacuuming pump. All heavy duty machines are therefore equipped with a strong rotary vane vacuum pump. This has been specially developed for heavy duty vacuum packing machines and fast packaging cycles. The powerful pump also offers additional benefits such as energy efficiency, less heat generation, optimal conduction of heat flow, ease of maintenance and perhaps most importantly, proven performance.

Henkelman Vacuümpomp

Double sealing capacity

Long-term packaging processes put high demands on the seal transformers. To guarantee a constant operational output, the seal capacity is increased on the heavy duty versions. We call this double sealing capacity.

Seal trafo

Heavy duty sealing bar with aluminium end blocks

The smart construction of the heavy duty sealing bar and the use of robust aluminium end blocks guarantees an efficient and high-quality sealing process. 

Henkelman Eindblok

Machines with heavy duty versions

Henkelman Falcon double chamber vacuum packing machine
Henkelman Polar double chamber vacuum packing machine
Henkelman Atmoz double chamber packing machine

More information?

Are you considering purchasing a heavy duty version of a Henkelman machine, or do you have any questions? We are happy to help. 

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